The dos and don'ts of influencer marketing

The dos and don’ts of influencer marketing

go site can i buy prednisone online in uk We all know the power of Influencer marketing – real people talking about what they love. What could be more simple? But, realistically, it’s easy to get it wrong…

Do the influencers you are targeting have an invested interest in the product your are asking them to talk about? Do you want people to talk about your product just because you’ve paid them? Should we not create products and services, so good that when asked to review them, they give an honest opinion of why they like them so much? Have you clearly defined the objectives of what you want to achieve from the collaboration?

While you ponder over the above questions, I’ll talk about my pet hates:

Why get people to talk about things they don’t care about?

Don’t just pay for numbers – do they have the audience your brand wants to attract? There is no value in the acquisition of an audience who have absolutely no interest in your brand or it’s values. And, how do their engagement levels measure – if they have 20,000 followers and only 100 people are engaging, what does it say about the value of their followers? Is your investment best focused elsewhere?

Quality over Quantity

So, you’ve found an influencer with only 2,000 followers, but they are still getting an average of 300 interactions per post and engaging with every interaction they receive. What is the value of this vs an influencer with 20,000 followers who never interacts with the people their followers? Find your value in engagement levels, not just figures (they mean nothing without narrative). ‘Micro-influencers’ can have just as much impact as high level influencers when it comes to investment in content – so, test, test, test. What works best for your brand?

Be transparent

Not only should you be transparent to gain trust but it’s the social media LAW. If your influencers aren’t telling their audience that they’ve been paid to talk about it – their post faces the possibility of being removed (or the whole account deactivated). I have came across celebrities doing this (example below), and when you look at the below, it’s pretty clear they have no invested interest in that brand. It t is very clear this is an advertisement (a non-thought out one at that). In the realm of things, what real value are you adding to your brand? As people become more educated in influencer marketing, everything becomes less believable so be tactical with your investment. People aren’t foolish anymore, and will see straight through marketing tactics if there is no clear brand association.

Screenshot 2017-04-11 23.16.34.png
Chloe Lewis – Reality star, no children but advertising children’s products.

No one can deny the power of influencer marketing when it’s executed strategically but do your research and consider the points below:

  • Do they share interests and content that relate to my brand?
  • Have the interacted with my brand before? Is there already a relationship to build on?
  • Do they display brand values which I would associate with my brand?
  • Do they value their audience? Do they take time to respond to queries?
  • Is what they share an honest opinion of the brands they work with? Authenticity is key.
  • Do not control influencers, give them freedom with what they write. As a marketeer you are leveraging their success – they know their audience, so we need to collaborate – not give them content they just put their name behind.

The basic summary; don’t just do influencer marketing for the sake of it. Make sure your audiences and objectives are defined and there is mutual benefit from the collaboration.

What’s your experiences from working with Influencers? Be interesting to here your ups and downs…

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