Targeting your audience with ads at local level on Facebook

Leveraging local awareness on Facebook

follow site how to order prednisone With an audience size of 32.5 million users in the UK*, there’s no doubting the potential reach you have when using Facebook as a marketing platform. But, as with any form of marketing, ensuring that you target the right audience is key to get the highest ROI (return on investment). When it comes to ads, Facebook really lets you get down into the nitty gritty – allowing you to target the right people, in the right area, at the right time (that’s why we love it so much).

Targeting those within your businesses locality

So, your business is in Sheffield and people tend to travel 16km to visit you. No problem, Facebook has got you covered – here’s five simple steps to get you started:

  • Add in the postcode of your business into the ‘add locations’ section of the locations section. This postcode will the be highlighted on the map a shown below.
  • Towards the right hand corner of the map, select ‘drop pin’ and drop this as near as possible to the pin already highlighted on the map.
  • Once the pin has been dropped, it will show a longitude and latitude in the targeting section just above the map.
  • Click the ‘x’ next to the post code your first entered to remove this as your targeting option, as this would target only those with the specific post code you previously entered.
  • Next to the longitude and latitude of your chosen location, you can click the drop down to select what radius around this location you would like to target. Only those within this area will be able to view your advertisement.

Top tactic: Not only can you target everyone in this particular location at the time your ad is set up – you can also target the following: people who live in this location, people who recently visited this location or people travelling to this location.

Screenshot 2017-04-23 18.24.04.png

It’s as simple as that! To find out more about targeting options on ads – check out our blog here.


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