Let’s talk chatbots

Everywhere you go (in the marketing world), people are talking bots – in particular Facebook messenger bots. It was announced in April 2017, that there are now 1.2 billion active messenger users on Facebook and this keeps increasing at a rapid rate. Continuous developments and popularity have led to Facebook opening messenger up as a marketing platform for brands – with the introduction of business led chatbots (there are currently 100,000 monthly active bots on Facebook), and the additional placement of ads within messenger also being launched this year.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is defined as ‘a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users‘. A chatbot allows a real life conversation to be formed without the need for a human to actively type a written response.

The bots have the ability to learn human characteristics the more they are used through the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and have the ability to gauge consumer intent through the understanding of numerous variations of the same query e.g ‘where is my nearest store’ vs ‘how long will it take me to get to my nearest store?’.

But, the question is, what can a bot do for your business? How will you benefit from the implementation of a bot?

How can they help your business?

Chatbots support with provision of almost instant responses to a customer query, which is fundamental to maintaining a strong relationship with your customers. People are 70% more likely to recommend a brand who respond to their query quickly and efficiently vs. 17% for those who do not respond*. A bot is a great way to ensure a consumer gets a response, without the need for a high level of internal or external resource once the bot has been launched.

Here’s a few examples of things bots can action and respond to:

  • Answer comments and questions, with a tailored tone of voice. Whether this be an FAQ, or just small talk.
  • Integrate with website API’s for bookings, purchases and registrations
  • Update users with delivery and dispatch information
  • Use a guests location to show nearest stores/stockists
  • Product discovery – show imagery/videos (including carousel format)
  • Allow guests to share messages/videos/images with a friend


If you want to check them out in action, take a look at the Facebook messenger bots below:

follow http://homescope.ca/biggest-sales-drop-this-year/ We’ve had a go at making our own two social girls Facebook messenger bot too, so if you fancy taking a look, head over to our Facebook page here

If you haven’t started to think about how a bot can support your business, now is probably (definitely) the time. Our bot was made with Botsify – theres’s a free option, so why not have a go at making one yourself?

Take a look at Facebook Messenger site here to find out more about all the technicalities.

* Brandwatch 2016

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