Social listening

The benefits of social listening

purchase Lyrica from canada buy Dilantin in bulk Social listening is the process of monitoring the web to listen to what is being said about your brand, business or industry.  As well as being able to find conversations about your brand, there are a number of other reasons to actively listen…


1. Setting smart objectives

By understanding the brand opportunity and size of the potential audience, you can set SMART objectives based on this opportunity. Objectives linked to listening can include mentions of brand name, products and services, the sentiment of the conversations, and the number of two-way interactions.


2. give great Customer service

To make sure you’re responding to all mentions – positive, negative and in-between –  we’d recommend listening to brand @mentions, #mentions, direct and indirect messages/questions, and all variations of brand name mentions.

This way, no opportunity is missed to give great service or join in on a conversation.


3. Listen to the impact of your campaigns

To understand the impact of a campaign we’d listen to all variations of campaign keywords and hashtags. We’d also suggest analysing the sentiment of the conversations for the duration of the campaign, vs the previous period. Social listening during the period of the campaign can help you understand the key contributors and influencers.


4. engage with your influencers

Who is already talking about your brand?

Influencers come in many shapes and sizes, but listening can support with identifying your superfans (those who talk about you a lot) and megaphones (those with a large audience). If they are already fans of yours, by engaging with them, they are likely to continue to talk about you in a positive light.


5. analyse your competitors

Listening and evaluating your competitors ‘business as usual’  and campaign activity can give you an advantage for your next campaign, and help you to benchmark. Understand their conversations,  volumes and sentiment to be able to ensure you are staying ahead of the curve.


6. Understand your audience

Listening and evaluating your customer’s potential customers conversations will allow you to create content that they will be interested in – both long term, and reactively (trends).


7. be the first to know in a crisis

You should always be prepared for a social media crisis. A social listening tool, and setting up alerts based on a set of keywords, will ensure you hear about the crisis as soon as conversations start online.


Anyone else actively listening? Anything we’ve missed?

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