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Hello from two social girls. We’re two girls, that do social, if you hadn’t guessed…

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All-round digital marketing geek with a passion for social media, and Jeff (my cat) – you can follow him on Instagram @jeffsadventure. Based in the UK, living in the Jewellery Quarter, or JQ for short, in a converted warehouse. Have an eye for interior design with an obsession for crazy Moroccan fabrics, which I later make into art for the home.

My favourite quote:

What’s the ROI of your Mum?

Instagram: @romance1sdead

Twitter: @10Kirstie

LinkedIn: Kirstie Smith


Social Media Manager (lover) based in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Aficionado of all things creative, and a dab hand at painting portraits (I can draw your face if you want me to). If I’m not on social media, you’ll probably find me eating – we’re not short of eateries in the JQ, so it’s hard to resist. And, as a bonus, we work on social media for clients in the food and beverage industry, which just increases temptation… Can’t complain though, can I?

Food + social media = ❤️

My quote to live by:

Skills are cheap, passion is priceless

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Ping us an email at twosocialgirls@gmail.com